Candy Cane Cocoa Foot Soak

Nibble on a dipped chocolate peppermint stick, as your shopped out feet melt in our soothing candy cane cocoa foot soak. Relax and warm up with a toasty neck pack and sip hot cocoa. 

15 Minutes $6

Cleansing Cranberry Facial

Gently cleanse clogged skin with this luxurious creamy cranberry cleanser. Exfoliating and nourishing ingredients leave skin refreshed and party perfect. 

25 Minutes $36

Calming Cranberry Pedicure

The perfect sole soother for Santa's tired feet. Munch on chocolate dipped cranberries and drizzled pretzels as calming cranberry products make hardened heels history, put corns and calluses on recall and make tired feet look and feel fabulous.

50 Minutes $40

Soothing Warm Gingerbread Stone Massage

Spicy gingerbread aromatherapy oil and soothing stones melt away the aches and pain of any Gingerbread Man or Woman this holiday season.

50 Minutes $69

Peace Package

Relax with a Candy Cane Cocoa Foot Soak to soothe shopped out feet, then you'll receive a 50 Minute Custom Massage with the Heat Therapy upgrade, and finally select 1 Fix of your choice. If you have a problem, we have the solution with this completely customizable package.  

Allow 1.5 Hours $94

Comfort Package

Mmmm...Start with a soothing Candy Cane Cocoa Foot Soak, relax and unwind with a 50 Minute Calming Cranberry Aromatherapy Massage and pamper yourself with a Cleansing Cranberry Facial.

Allow 1.5 Hours $96 

Joy Package

The ultimate seasonal spa experience! Start with a delicious Candy Cane Cocoa Foot Soak, relieve sore muscles and relax with a 50 Minute Custom Massage, cleanse and revitalize skin with a Beyond Pore-Fect Facial, and finally calm your aching soles with a Cranberry Pedicure. This thoughtful gift is sure to receive gasps of glee. 

Allow 3 Hours $144

Silent Night Package (For Two)

This is a great way to celebrate the season together. Come relax with a 25 Minute Romantic B Lounge as you soak your feet side-by-side and nibble on delicious treats. Then, enjoy a 50 Minute Hot Cocoa Aromatherapy Couples Massage, and wrap things up with our Calming Cranberry Soak, Scrub & Foot Rub. 

Allow 2 Hours $193 Total

Oh What Fun Package (For Two)

Bring a friend and come celebrate the most wonderful time of the year together. Enjoy Candy Cane Cocoa Foot Soaks side by side as you nibble on delicious seasonal treats, then each receive a moisturizing sugar plum massage and finish up the festivities with side-by-side calming cranberry soak, scrub and foot rubs. What could be better...wear your ugly, a we mean lovely holiday sweater, and both receive $6 off. (Regular package price listed below.)

Allow 2 Hours $200 Total or $100 Each