Soothing Foot Soak

The perfect way to relax before any service.  We place a warm next pack on your neck and shoulders, and slip your feet into a basin of warm water with our moisturizing seasonal grapeseed oil soak.  You’ll enjoy a treat, or a drink that fits the season.
15 Minute  /  $6

Body Butter

Our skin softening shea butter leaves any body beyond soft.  Add to any massage your favorite.  Choose from:  Vanilla Orange, Milk & Honey, French Lavender, Ginger Lime, Unscented or ask about our seasonal scents.
An additional  /  $6

Heat Therapy

Massage therapist use a combination of a deep heat cooling lotion,  and a hot pack on your trouble spot to help loosen and relax the area during your massage.
An additional  /  $6

Custom Tub Soak

Soothe your mind, body, and “soul” with a soak.  Soaking in a warm tub helps increase the circulation, relax tight muscles, and soothe the soul.  Great before or after a massage.  Choose from:  Sore Muscle Soak, Detox, Stress Less, Sleep, Breathe, Energy, or ask about our seasonal soak.  (Receive 10% off any retail soak items with this service)
20 Minutes  /  $25


Transform an ordinary massage into the extraordinary, with the aromatherapy of your choice.  Choose from:  Uplifting-Citrus, Relaxing-Lavender, Revitalizing-Rosemary Mint, or ask about our seasonal scents.
An additional  /  $6

“B” Lounge

Need more time with your sweetheart to just “B”?  Now you can, with our “B” Lounge.  Privately soak side-by-side in soothing foot soaks, nibble on treats, sweets, sip sparkling sider, lounge, laugh, and just “B”.  A great way to start or finish with your couples massage.
20 Minutes  /  $25