Chocolate Kryptonite Foot Soak

The perfect chocolate fix!  Nibble on chocolate treats, as your tired feet melt in our soothing chocolate foot soak.  Relax your tight neck and shoulders with a warm neck pack.  After this much needed break and sweet soak you will be able to leap to do laundry in a single bound.
15 Minutes $6

"Mighty" Moisturizing Massage

Soothe dry skin with this luscious, moisturizing treat!  We add our hydrating body butter to an 80 Minute Customized Massage for extra mighty, moisturizing power!
80 Minute $80

Supermom Package

Chocolate Kryptonite Foot Soak, Fantastic Grapefruit Facial, 80 Minute "Mighty" Moisturizing Massage, Apricot Action-Packed Pedicure.
Allow 3 hours  $168

Fantastic Grapefruit Facial

We first fight off dirt and grime with our luxurious foaming grapefruit cleanser.  Grapefruit extracts work overtime to cleanse, tone, tighten puffy skin, and reduce enlarged pores.  Leaving skin super smooth, supple, and feeling fantastic!
25 Minutes $38

Super 4 Handed Massage

Double the hands, double the relaxation.  We all know mom's need this the most!  Really relax her with this 2 therapist, 4 handed, 50 minute, super massage.
50 Minute $108

Dynamic Duo "Mom & Me" Package (for two)

Apricot Action-Packed Pedicure for two, 50 Minute Side-by-Side Side Kick Citrus Massage. Allow 2 hours.
2 hours  $208

Apricot Action Packed Pedicure

While you relax with a warm neck pack, and indulge on decadent dipped chocolate apricots.
Da da....da da, da, da....da da.  Our pedicurist springs into action.  Making hardened heels, history, putting corns, and calluses on recall. 
Tired feet will look, and feel fabulous in a flash!
50 Minutes $44

Fantastic Four Package

Super 4 Handed Massage, Beyond Pore-fect Facial
Allow 2 hours $164