Seasonal Pedicure

Complete with soaking, trimming, clipping, scrubbing, massaging, base and top coating, with the scents of the season.
50 Minute / $46

Vanilla Orange Pedicure

This targeted extra-exfoliating, massaging treatment buffs and de-roughs the driest feet.  Our utterly delicious Vanilla Orange products are the ultimate thirst quencher for dry skin.
75 Minute / $56

Ginger Lime Pedicure

A total toe trimming, taming, and topping experience!  After your rough heels are buffed, the grand finale – a soothing stone massage for your legs and feet, then paraffined pruned and polished to perfection.
80 Minute / $70

Pint Size Pedicure

Great for those who need a quick trim, buff and polish.
25 Minute / $28

Men’s Sports Pedicure

Let the soothing sound of sports flow through your ears with your very own headphones and flat screen TV.  Feet are soaked, clipped, buffed and de-roughed, massage nice and tough.  No polish please,  just extra massage up to the knees.  Includes paraffin.
50 Minute / $46

Paraffin Dip

Add moisture to either the feet or hands instantly, with a soothing application of warm paraffin.
15 Minute / An additional $10 per area