Calming Coconut Foot Soak

Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise with our calming coconut foot soak.  Nibble on chocolate coconut treats as you soak away stress.

15 Minutes/ $6

Papaya & Pineapple Facial

Pineapple enzymes, organic aloe vera, and gentle exfoliating granules smooth away dull surface cells, and impurities for a clear and radiant complexion.

25 Minutes/ $38

Jamaican Me Nuts!  Package

Calming Coconut Foot Soak, 50 Minute Lime Margarita Massage, Papaya & Pineapple Facial, Pina Colada Pedicure

Allow 2.5 Hours/ $148

Pina Colada Pedicure

Enjoy a tropical sorbet, while the great island scents of coconut and pineapple products make you believe you're relaxing on a tropical island.

50 Minutes/ $44

Nourishing Coconut Milk Bath

The perfect escape!  Slip into this moisturizing tub soak to hydrate dry summer skin, and relax tight muscles.  (Schedule with a massage and receive $5 off)

20 Minutes/ $25

Escape Beyond Package

Calming Coconut Foot Soak, 50 Minute Aromatherapy Massage, 1 Fix, Beyond Pore-fect Facial, Pina Colada Pedicure

Allow 3.5 Hours/  $202

Lime Margarita Massage

A truly sweet treat that is both refreshing and moisturizing to the skin.  Our luscious Lime Margarita Body Butter is lathered over dry skin during a decadent massage.

50 Minutes/ $60

Outdoor Massage Suite 

Recharge in the sunshine, relax to the sound of rain.  Our "outdoor" massage suite offers a opportunity to relax in the comfort of the spa and enjoy the sounds of the world outside.  Choose from a 50 or 80 minute massage, follow by an additional 20 minutes to relax in foot soak and enjoy the outdoors.  (Available for single, or couples)
Single Allow 70 Minute/ $66
Single Allow 100 Minute/ $86

Couples Allow 70 Minute/ $132
Couples Allow 100 Minute/ $172