Soothing Apple Spice Foot Soak

Slip tired feet in our soothing apple spice soak, as a warm neck pack loosens your tight neck and shoulders. From your feet to your taste buds you'll feel fabulous, while you nibble on a creamy caramel apple pop.

15 minutes $6

Pint Size Pumpkin Facial

Pumpkin enzymes gently dissolve, dislodge, and lift away dead skin cells and clogged pores. A super-moisturizing blend of pumpkin oil, and vitamin E leave skin hydrated and protected. 

25 Minutes $40

Pumpkin Soak, Scrub & Foot Rub

This is no trick, just a terrific treatment! Soak your tired toes in our spicy pumpkin soak, as you nibble on pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Your feet and legs are exfoliated, and massaged for 20 mind-boggling minutes!

25 Minutes $30

Pumpkin Pedicure

Pedicurist smooth feet, seal in softness with our moisturizing pumpkin products. As your mouth salivates from the savory smells, munch on pumpkin chocolate cookies as you pick a polish to start off fall with.

50 minutes $46

Dry Skin Fix

You have a problem- we have the solution.  Add on to your service the customized 25 min fix to meet your needs. Dry Skin:  Therapist perform a rythmatic dry brush exfoliation to remove dry skin.  Next apply a moisturizing butter, and seal in moisture with a wrap.  

25 minutes  $36

Allergies & Sinus Fix

You have a problem- we have the solution. Add on to your service the customized 25 minute fix to meet your needs. Allergies-Sinus: Menthol, eucalyptus infused hot towels, and a sinus point massage help to relieve the tension and congestion due to allergies.

25 minutes $36

Soothing Orange Spice Massage

Your treatment begins with a soothing orange spice massage. Next your hands and feet are lathered in our delicious, moisturizing vanilla orange butter, and kept nice and toasty in warm mitts and booties. 

50 minutes $72 

Best Of Beyond Package

Slip your feet into an warm Apple Cinnamon Foot Soak, next enjoy a 25 Minute Soothing Orange Spice Stone Treatment, an 80 Minute Fully Loaded Fall Facial and a yummy 50 Minute Pumpkin Pedicure.

Allow 3 Hours  $188